This blog is a way of disciplining myself to write regularly, and also displaying some of my finished work. My goal is to become a good freelance writer of magazine articles. I have a vision of writing becoming a semi-retirement career. I will be sitting at my desk looking out over the garden, with the birds singing outside and dogs sleeping peacefully next to me, and writing interesting, informative and marketable articles.  I’d like to combine this with creating craft projects for publication in magazines, perhaps even a book, and maybe teach people how to sew. Time will tell whether I can make that a reality!

I live in Western Australia, with two dogs and a horse. I work as an office manager, and in my spare time I write, read, garden, sew and am generally creative. Over the years I’ve tried my hand at almost anything that can be done with needle, fabric and thread or yarn. With glue I’m hopeless, I’m definitely not a scrapbook or decoupage kind of person.

I’m a Red Hatter, and belong to the non-fiction group at my local writer’s centre.



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