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How lax I have been! Nearly three weeks since my last post. In my defence, I haven’t been doing nothing. I put an entry into the Australian Cotton Expo in the craft section, and have been beavering away at it. It really needs to be finished by this weekend so that I can take a photo and send it in before the entries close, but I don’t think it will be. I’m now frantically trying to figure out how much I need to finish in order to be able to take photos which will look as if it’s finished, if that makes sense. The entry conditions say that you have to send a sketch or photo of your entry, so it doesn’t have to be finished, a sketch could be of something which wasn’t even started yet. No hints on here as to what my entry is, that will have to wait until the contest is done, in about April I think.

On the topic of competing, I also entered my wall hanging, Fremantle Limestone, in the Sydney Royal Show, just for a lark. At least that is already finished, I just have to find a way of packing it so that it can be posted, shouldn’t be too hard. Then I have an idea for another competition I saw mentioned recently . . . I can see this competing business is going to get a grip on me!

So, the sewing has been taking priority lately, partly also because it’s mostly too hot to do much outside. Cooler weather forecast for this Sunday though, so I hope to catch up on a few jobs. Trouble is, my ‘to do’ list never gets any shorter. Anybody got any ideas?