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After the debacle with my entry for the Sydney Royal show, I made sure and sent off my entry for the Australian Cotton Fibre Expo in plenty of time. Sadly I still didn’t have any success, but at least I got it back OK, and can post photos of it now. Previously when I sent away a different denim vest for somebody to see it got lost in the mail, and I never did get it back. I’ve often wondered what happened to it.

Here is the jacket I made, titled ‘Denim: resurrected”

Denim: resurrectedIt’s made by unpicking the waistbands, hems etc of a number of denim garments (mostly children’s sourced from the op shop), and piecing them together to make the most of the patterns that are created when the denim fades. I’ve always loved denim as a fabric, and the way it takes on the character of the garment.  These are shots of some of the bits of fabric after unpicking. I even made the lining out of men’s business shirts cut up and pieced together. IMG_1127IMG_0782It was disapppointing not to be successful, but never mind. At least I have the jacket to wear.IMG_0784I don’t know what won, since the show was so far away there was no way of going to look at the other entries, and so far there is nothing on the website, in fact it looks as if the winners from last year haven’t been updated yet.

All in all I’m feeling a bit ‘meh!’ at the moment. I just love that word, if word it is, for the way it so perfectly expresses the feeling. I am very tempted to start a new project, but I have to remind myself that I currently have too many projects I have started and am yet to finish. The kitchen, floor and other finishing touches, wardrobe in the spare room, at least 3 or 4 other sewing projects, and that’s just the ones that I can see without looking into the deep dark recesses of cupboards etc. I shall hope to enjoy the feeling of satisfaction and virtuousness (?) I get when I finally finish a few of them.