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I originally intended to go through my back issues of Threads magazine in chronological order, and choose a project fromm each. I’ve already skipped one though, and now I’ve given up on that idea and am going through them reasonably randomly. The main reason is that the next project I found would have been perfect for something I’ve already started. When I went to find said half-finished project though, I could only find some of it, and not the rest. So, no finishing that, not now anyway. I wasn’t going to start another project to use the same technique, so I moved on to a different issue.

This is from the very first issue of the magazine I ever bought, number 65 from July 1996. Really, this is cheating, since I started to make this project over a year ago, and had just never finished it. All I had to do was get it out of the cupboard, sew on some ribbon ties, and a fastening, and it was done! Still, extra kudos for having ticked a UFO off the list I reckon.

Portfolio front

Portfolio front

I was having a rather Art Deco phase when I did this, but I quite like it. This is the back.

Portfolio back

Portfolio back

I’d really like to think that one day I will have written a book, and will be going to meet a publisher with the first draft safely tucked away in this portfolio. Realistically though, even if I do ever write a book, I’m far more likely these days to submit it online than in a portfolio, however arty and creative one might be!

Also, one of these days I might figure out how WordPress decides where to put photos. Try as I might it’s still hit and miss as to whether the photos end up where I want them on the page, and in relation to the right bit of the text. Seems to have a mind of its own somehow.

Now to find the next issue of Threads, and the next project!






and the inspiring issue of Threads