Blogging 101 | TrisHusseyDotCom

Doing more browsing on Tris Hussey’s site, found this post about plug ins for WordPress. I have to admit that apart from Akismet, which I think you get by default, I don’t know what any of them do, and most of them I can’t even begin to guess. A few I suppose are reasonably obvious, and I can’t imagine myself needing some of them, not just yet anyway. Time to spend some time investigating I think.
One which I find intriguing is All in One SEO pack. The idea of software changing my post so that search engines will find it is a little spooky, perhaps I’m being old fashioned. I might give it a try, so long as I can over ride it when I want, since I want the words on my blog to be mine, and not somebody else’s. Still, I’m also keen on the idea of the blog being seen, so that’s a consideration.
I’ll check it out and report back!