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Now I feel like an idiot! It seems the plug ins I was looking at (not sure of the spelling, should it be plugin or plug in?) are available if you have downloaded the WordPress software and are using that. Since my blog is still hosted by WordPress I can’t use them, or at least I can’t see how. If anybody can tell me different then I’d be happy to hear them.

Still, disappointed as I am, I need to remember the reason I am writing this blog. It’s part of working towards my goal of being a good freelance writer of magazine articles, so the content is the thing, not the gadgets.  Also, I figure that maybe search engine optimisation is something best done by a human, not necessarily by a machine. Some of the internet content you read consists only of words and short phrases which don’t really make sense, and now I’m wondering if they have been written by a machine.  Those are the kind of articles which nobody actually reads, although I have this vision of people who maybe are not fluent in English looking at them in complete bewilderment!

What I think I am going to look around for is a good note taking piece of software. I did use Webnotes for a while, but then when Firefox got upgraded it was no longer compatible, and so far I haven’t found a substitute. I want something I can just open and type a few words into when I’m inspired by an idea for a blog post. If the inspiration is a web page then I can use Scribefire, but if the idea just comes to me out of the blue I need somewhere to put it, and to be able to find it again. The electronic equivalent of a notebook and pencil. Who knows, maybe I should just use one of those anyway, I need one for when I’m not at my computer (haven’t yet got a tablet or a smart phone, and even if I did I wouldn’t necessarily always have it to hand). I’m sure there must be something around, watch this space!