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Well, yesterday I signed up for a drawing class at TAFE. It’s not pure drawing as such, the name of the unit is ‘Select and apply media and techniques to represent and communicate a concept’ or some such phrase. It actually sounds as if it’s just what I need, since I want to be able to draw my ideas for craft and sewing projects. First class is next Tuesday afternoon, and it it every week for the semester, until June.
Looking forward to it, it will be a challenge for sure, since I’ve never done art classes in any shape or form. I did do Art at high school for about three years, but looking back on it now I cannot for the life of me remember what we did, and I’m pretty confident that drawing didn’t figure in it at all. I do remember being extremely bored with Art classes, and getting out of them as soon as I could to do cookery instead, which I must say has stood me in much better stead over the years! I still regularly make some of the recipes from school, in particular lemon meringue pie which is in frequent demand at family occasions.
I went to the art supply shop after enrolling, although I don’t know what supplies are required, but just bought a small box of pencils and a visual diary. I was astounded by the prices of some materials, I knew they were expensive but not that much! Conjures up images of penniless artists struggling to find money for pastels and paint and canvas. A lot of famous ones did of course, and presumably the less famous ones these days still do, until they get discovered.
No picture from me this time, I need to get all the old ones off my old laptop and onto this one. Instead a blog I found with some lovely pictures from Melbourne – http://victoriaaphotography.wordpress.com