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Well, here I am again, having missed at least a month. Pressure of work is my only excuse, but I’m determined not to give up. I really want to continue with the creative stuff, whether it is writing or art or sewing or whatever.

I have been busy, but I have decided I will spend at least half an hour each day doing something creative, and post on here once a week at least. That’s surely not too much to expect. Maybe I’ve tried to have everything too good in the past, which takes time, quick and dirty might be the answer.

I have put three entries in the Creative Craft section of the Perth Royal Show, which considering there was only six weeks to go when I did it is a big ask. Now there is only just over 4 weeks to go, and my first piece is well started but nowhere near finished. It’s machine embroidery, they all are, a wall hanging/picture inspired by some limestone rocks in Fremantle and the erosion patterns on them. I took some photos on a recent visit like this:

It’s going reasonably well so far, but has a way to go. Then I have to do two more pieces, I have an idea for one but nothing so far for the third and final one.