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I know I’ve done this before. I haven’t posted in weeks, and now I decide to get back on track and into focus again.

I finished the commonplace book for TAFE, to a very gratifying response. I’m not sure about doing another unit next semester, I’d like to, but not sure I have the time. At the moment I can’t get any body to respond to my request for information about what units are available, but that’s another story. For now I’ve decided to focus on writing again, as it might be a bit less time consuming. Writing group is on this Saturday, I missed last month.

This month’s challenge was to write a piece inspired by a photograph. Whilst in Kalgoorlie last weekend I saw an exhibition of photographs by an early Goldfields photographer, which was very interesting, and chose to write about one of the pictures in the exhibition. It was a bunch of men standing around in a swimming bath, naked. Early 1900s. I still wonder why? I’ve posted the piece in my articles section.

The photographer’s name was John Joseph Dwyer, and many of the photographs are included in a book called An Everyday Transience.

I’ve also got a book called Write Now, aimed at inspiring creativity in writing, and I intend to work through it and all the exercises in an attempt to improve my writing.