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The deadline for the Perth Royal Show is getting closer and closer, and I’ve still got nothing actually finished. The embroidered limestone piece is done, except for some way of hanging it, which I do have in my head, just not yet in reality. I’ve started on the second project, actually it’s probably at least half done. I bought some perle cotton, and instead of using the ribbon in long pieces as I was going to, I’ve cut it into small pieces and laid them over the gaps in the fabric strips, and am zig zag stitching across to form a kind of lace. Likewise with the perle cotton. It’s a very random and organic lace, but so is the whole piece. I pretty much have figured out what I am going to do to finish it, but it will take at least 2 or 3 evening’s work I think, and then I haven’t really any idea yet about the third piece. I’m going to be burning the midnight oil I can see, but I’m determined to get them done.

Part of the problem is that I spent all weekend outside building a veggie garden and preparing ground to put in lawn, and I came indoors absolutely exhausted, and didn’t feel like sewing. I’m pleased with the veggie garden though, at least with the sleeper framework for it. I have still to fix up the watering, and some kind of ‘cage’ around it to keep the dogs out. Otherwise the only person who gets to eat any veggies will be the blonde dog, after the black dog has slept on them.

I had to fence off the new lawn area too, but that fence should only be temporary until it is established. I found a company doing native Australian grasses for lawns and pasture, and bought some seed from them, so now all I have to do is wait and see how good it is. I sprayed, and dug, and weeded, since they emphasise that it needs a weed free seed bed, Then I put the seed in yesterday afternoon, and it rained afterwards, so a good omen perhaps. www.nativeseeds.com.au is where I got the seed from. Their site makes very interesting reading, and makes it all sound very good, we shall see what happens.