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Well, although I had stuff to finish off at the very last minute (as usual) I got my entries to the showground yesterday. I’m not at all confident of any success, but I am at least pleased that I persevered with them and finished them. I am beginnning to feel that the reason I have so many unfinished objects (UFOs as they are commonly called in stitching circles) is because I get to a point where I think it isn’t going to turn out as well as I’d like, and give up. I now think that at that point I should be making myself go on with whatever it is, it may not turn out quite how I want it but at least it would be finished, and sometimes it may be better than I thought.

After I had been to the showgrounds I had time to kill, and so I went to Applecross to see the Stitched and Bound exhibition here. 

There were some lovely pieces, very interesting and creative, but the main thought I came away with was ‘there was nothing there that I couldn’t have done’. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to belittle the work of the artists who were involved, but I really felt that I could do as well. Technically there was nothing I would have found impossible, although some needed a good deal of time, and a better and more organised space to work, which is something I am going to work on next. I also felt that with some effort and probably a lot of thought and trial and error I could have come up with designs of a similar standard. All in all it made me feel quite positive, not like some exhibitions you go to and come away ready to give up whatever it might be altogether, because you are never going to reach that standard. Stitched and Bound is held every two years, and guess who has decided to enter in 2014?!

I’ve also taken another step, in signing up for a workshop run by Fibre Arts Australia at New Norcia. It’s not until next April, but I’m really excited by the prospect, I’m not sure how I’m going to survive the wait. Just get stuck into some projects I suppose. Organisation and a better workspace is the first.

No photos for a while now, and I didn’t have time to take some of the projects for the show before I took them in, so will have to do that in a couple of weeks when I get them back.