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Well, I took the plunge this week and bought myself a new sewing machine. I’ve got two, one of which was my 21st birthday present from my parents, and served me well for many years (how many I’m not going to say), the second was a present from my ex husband, and I’ve had that almost 20 years. It had also done very good service, but is I think getting worn out. It squeals sometimes, which I think means it needs new belts, but I’ve not been able to find any on the net for my model and I don’t think it’s worth taking it to be repaired.

Between the two machines I’ve sewn just about everything. Clothes for me and family and friends, curtains, upholstery, fancy dress costumes, dance costumes, horse rugs, dog beds, quilts, you name it and I’ve pretty much made it.

So now I decided the time had come for a new sewing machine, and I chose a Bernina here. I had been going to get the 380, as about my price range and features, but changed my mind to the 530 as it has more space to the right of the needle, plus a few other features. I’m not interested in embroidery machines, if I want to do embroidery I’d rather come up with my own designs, plus they are sooo expensive. As much as a small car if you go to the real top end ones.

I’ve only had a very limited time so far to play with the machine, and it will certainly take some getting used to. It has hands free sewing with the knee lifter, needle down feature, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I’ve used the old machine for so long now that I know it inside out, and using it is almost automatic, now I have to start again, but I’m sure it will be worth it. I look forward to creating many more projects, plus I get to shop for extra feet and gadgets, since none of the ones for my old machine will fit.

Going to the Perth Royal Show tomorrow to look at the craft exhibits and see how mine stack up. No hope of winning anything, but I really don’t know what the standard will be, so I’m keen to find out. I’ve decided to go on the first day so that hopefully it might be a little less crowded, not really because I’m impatient!