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I went to the Perth Royal Show this week to see how my entries went, and much to my surprise I had won something! Actually, there were disappointingly few entries in the Machine Embroidery section, Hand Embroidery was much better supported. My wallhanging got first, out of two entries, the journal cover third out of two entries, and the pendant third also, although it was the only entry in the class so far as I could see. Obviously they don’t always give prizes if they think the standard isn’t high enough. That’s fair enough, and the wallhanging was certainly what I spent the most time on, so I am pleased that it won. I have to go pick the things up tomorrow, and I must take photos of them.

I am already inspired to try again next year, and I think I shall have a go at hand embroidery, since that is where most of the entries are, and so more of a challenge. I have an idea for a piece, possibly canvas work but definitely some sort of counted thread, based roughly on the drawing I did for TAFE. I don’t remember if I ever posted a photo of it, but here it is. I think this could translate quite nicely, with the black and white bits being blackwork, and the colour being blackwork type stitches but done in colour. I have 12 months, give or take!

I got the latest edition of the Itch’n to Stitch newsletter yesterday, it’s very informative. I have already found a competition to enter next year, and have the idea of what I am going to do all planned out, more or less anyway. Watch this space! The newsletter is full of things to do, workshops, exhibitions, contests etc., and must entail a great deal of work to put together. Really worthwhile thing to have landing in one’s mailbox, unlike so much of the other stuff that appears there.