i’ve decided to take part in this week’s weekly challenge the challenge is to write in some way which is different to what you would normally do, so i’m going with stream of consciousness. it’s so much a stream that i’m resisiting punctuation and capitals but i’m struggling with that, can you tell?
after all if you don’t have punctuation how can you tell which bit is a question and where you should take a breath. it must be much harder to read surely. perhaps it would be good to give this to all the people who seem to think that twitter and facebook etc can do perfectly well without punctuation or any kind of grammar. a case in point. i recently advertised on a local web site that i had a fish tank to give away free. i had lots of replies, it seems the world and his wife are looking for a free fish tank, but guess why i didn’t give it to the person who emailed as follows;

ill grab it
wots ur number
the number has been changed to protect the not to innocent, i can’t change their name because they didn;t even have the grace to put it in the email. how rude! i must admit though that the meaning or use of the word grab seems to have changed, at least here in australia. perfectly otherwise nice people will talk of just going down to the shop to grab some milk, or just grab that spanner for me would you? in my day grabbing was akin to snatching, and not something that polite people did
this seems to be not just stream of consciousness but also a rant, which is another option on the weekly writing challenge. i didn’t mean it to be so, perhaps it’s because writing like this is turning into really hard work. it seems my stream of consciousness needs some banks or weirs or culverts to give it form and direction, otherwise it just flows out all over the dry ground and soaks in without a trace. i’m going to post a photo instead. this is a scilla which is flowering in my garden just now, i think it’s Scilla peruviana, and i;m sorry but it needs a capital!

Scilla peruviana