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This weekend is going to be busy. Writing group tomorrow morning, for which I eventually submitted a very quickly written piece on blogging for the over 50s. Needs a lot more work, which I didn’t have time for, but I might do the work some time and try and find somewhere to submit it. See what comments and feedback from the group first.

Then in the afternoon I am going to a new group, new to me that is, I imagine the others have been going for some time. Having joined ATASDA I am going to a meeting of the West Australian branch. The topic for the afternoon is Kanzashi, which is a Japanese way of making hair ornaments. These particular ones are made of folded fabric to resemble flowers, and I bought some fat quarters in red and purple, thinking that it would be good to have a decoration for a hat or lapel when going to Red Hat functions. I’m looking forward to meeting the other members and having a productive afternoon.

The whole Japanese thing led me to thinking again about the Pattern Magic books, which are Japanese books of clothing designs and instructions on drafting paper patterns. At least I think that’s what they are, I haven’t actually read any of them. I’ve been wondering about buying them, either one or all, but I found two are available through the WA library, so I might try and borrow them first to see if I really would use them. I did once buy a Japanese pattern book, because I’ve always liked the look of their clothes, but the ones in the book I bought were very basic, whereas it’s really the little details I like. Obviously I got the wrong book there.

In the evening going to dinner at a friend’s place, for which I am taking the first course, so have decided to make two different pates. There will only be 4 of us so not too arduous. I plan one smoked salmon one, and the other I found a recipe for is lentil and goat’s cheese. It sounds a bit unusual to say the least, but the recipe book did say it was very tasty, well I guess they’d hardly say it tastes dreadful would they? Have to pick up a few ingredients on my way home from work, and make the pates tonight since there won’t be any time tomorrow. Also have to pack up my sewing stuff to take, and read all the other submissions for the writing group, so I can at least make some informed comments about them. I’m looking forward to the weekend!