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Still here, but not posting much. No particular reason, except that the spring weather has me outside and working in the garden rather than indoors on the computer. This time of year is a busy time in the garden here in Western Australia, with grass to cut, and other general tidying up before the hot weather really hits. Summer is the time when the garden is really almost dormant, as it is in the winter in cold climates, with most plants just surviving the heat and the dry. Some are exceptions, and flourish, but apart from watering and the occasional dead heading I usually leave the garden to its own devices during summer. Watering gets done early in the morning or in the evening, and I go indoors during the heat of the day and sew or write or whatever else takes my fancy. On days when I am not at work that is.

My busy weekend was just that, and I will take photos of the kanzashi I made and post. Since then I’ve also found another tutorial, which I will try (if I can just remember where I found it!), and have said that I will show how to do them at one of our Red Hat meetings next year. Must practice a bit in the meantime.

Last weekend went with the other Red Hatters to the garden of one our our members, which she had opened as a fund raiser. Lovely garden, we’ve been there before, and lovely morning tea too. As usual came home and compared my garden unfavourably, but I will get there one of these days! I bought a couple of plants, one of which I don’t know the name of, and nor did anybody else. Also bought a bag from another Red Hatter which she had made. She had used as fabric all the selvedges cut from her quilting fabric, and it was very effective. Will get the camera out later this week and take pictures of that too.

At writing group one of the members had been to a workshop on ‘zines’ and showed us the results. I had no idea what they were, and Googled a bit, and here they are, the Perth Zine Collective.  I liked the way the paper was folded to make a tiny book out of one page, but whether all zines are like that or not I have no idea, I suspect not. Anyway, I had the idea of making a few to give to other members of the group instead of Christmas cards at our next meeitng, which will be at the beginning of December. I need to dig through my card making supplies to come up with some paper and other suitable decorations.

I also need to make a card to take for ATASDA meeting, and a gift for Red Hat Christmas function, so along with the skirts I still intend to do I shan’t have to look far for something to keep me busy.