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Well, Christmas half over. We had celebrations with part of the family on the day itself, and will get together with other family on Saturday. Nothing like spreading the holiday out for as long as possible! Plus, since we haven’t had either gathering at my house I haven’t had to do very much apart from make food to take.
I’ve been making a Christmas tree table decoration out of quilt fabric to take on Saturday, from a picture sent to me by my aunt in England. She’s been making them to sell at a charity bazaar to raise funds for the local hospice. Mine isn’t quite finished yet, I’ll post a photo when it is, but I found a few examples of similar ones on the web.
One being sold on Etsy, here,
and a tutorial to make something similar here.
Since I don’t know where my aunt got the idea from I can’t credit the original designer, but they seem to be fairly common so perhaps lots of people had the same idea. My Google search also turned up some other interesting ideas, which I should put to one side and think about before next Christmas – how likely is that to actually happen!
A photo for now, the lily bulbs I planted in the spring are now flowering beautifully. They are Lilium longiflorum I think, known in Australia and possibly other places as Christmas lilies for fairly obvious reasons. I am really impressed with these, the bulbs I bought were a really good size, so I had high hopes, and they are certainly living up to it. The bulbs came from a place called Tulips with a Difference, in South West WA, and here is one of the flowers.