Back again after another long hiatus in my blogging career. However, I’m looking at the positive. I think it’s like giving up smoking, or being on a diet, just because you fail doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try again, and maybe each failure increases the chance of success next time.

For those who don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, I mean my efforts to blog regularly. I have tried in the past, but generally not managed more than one or two posts per month, and there have been longish periods with no posts at all. I am going to try again.

Last Saturday was writing group, which is something else I haven’t been paying enough attention to lately. The topic we had been given was refugees, but I wasn’t brave enough to write about that. Others did, and there were some very interesting pieces, including the information (which I think is correct) that Afghanistan has been the top refugee producing country in the world for each of the last 32 years. Makes one wonder why?

Anyway, I am not going into that now. I didn’t write anything until almost the last minute, which I often do, and then struggled to find something to write about. Until I browsed through the folder on my computer and found a piece I had started some time previously when I went to a performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. I was able to polish it up a bit, and took that along. It went down OK, and I’m posting it on this blog under articles, but I wonder what I could do with it. Not much, I fear. I’d quite like to be somebody who has a weekly column in a newspaper or magazine, writing about incidents in everyday life, but for reasons as discussed above, I’m not sure that would work very well! I guess having to write something to send in every week would focus the mind somewhat!

Who has any good tips for blogging/writing regularly?